Pirates at Christmas- Part Three

As I mentioned on Facebook previously, two years ago for christmas I made a pirate map and my son found a treasure chest buried in our yard. Last year I buried a treasure chest for my son and he led me to the treasure at Wheedon Island.

This year, I’d like to have him find a treasure chest with a clue to a multi year puzzle. He finds these treasure chests based on maps “left by the pirates” every year at Christmas.

Here is what I’m thinking about doing:

  1. Include water in this year’s search.  There’s a beach nearby that has rocks and a relatively flat area that could easily be recruited for this purpose. I’m thinking perhaps Lassing park….or the beach by North Shore pool. Lassing park is a good one from no one seeing me bury the thing, but not good because he’s never gone there.
  2. Include riddle as part of this year’s puzzle; this adds complexity as it will mean I’ll need to sneak where ever I hide the treasure after he solves it and before he can go there to prevent someone from finding it prematurely.
  3. Inlcude a key in this year’s chest that would unlock the multi year chest. This requires that I have the at least next year’s lock before I bury the treasure.
  4. Use a fake hash/code this year, and next year include the solution for the hash. Basically, what I’m leaving this year would mean nothing, and I’d use riddles/puzzles two years from now to give him the location of the final treasure. This will give him the time he needs to get better at researching/puzzles/reading.

So in summary:

  1. This year includes bs code in the chest he finds that will be unlocked two years from now via riddles/puzzles
  2. Next year would be a physical key in his treasure chest
    1. This means I need to not wait until the last minute to get the chest (or at least the lock).
  3.  Third year chest would include the key, or clues, to unlock the riddles to give the location to the chest.

This really means that I need to get hustling on this years chest, and puzzles sorted out. I believe I may have this years chest be some sackcloth or a similar material and have the code be sewn/painted onto it; it could potentially wrap up this year’s haul of treasure and I could point it out to him if he doesn’t notice it.



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