The BEER Technique

New Managers frequently find that they need to learn a new set of skills as what got them there won’t help them move to the next level. A friend of mine taught me this technique and I’ve found it invaluable in dealing with professional, and personal situations.

If I’m having issues with someone, I don’t let it fester, I take them for a BEER.

Behavior– Review with the person what their behavior

“Bob, I wanted to talk with you about how you handled that customer yesterday….

Effects– Review with them the effects of this behavior.

……when we yell at customers it causes a lot of work for everyone, and drives away business…

Expectations – Talk about what your expectations of their behavior in the future.

…in the future my expectations are that you’ll manage the situation in a professional manner….

Review– Have them respond back to you what you discussed, and review with them in the future as necessary. This is an important step as it reinforces the discussion and lets them know you’ll be reviewng their future behaviors.

…I’ll be following up with you in a few days to review any new situations, just to make sure we’re on the same page, can you recap this conversation?”

What do you think of this technique?


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