The way I see it…

The way I see it:

TLDR:Be a helper. Everyone else is on the same path as you.

It’s dangerous to go alone

The way I see it, we’re all on our own journey and adventure; it’s *really, really* easy to forget this fact. In Joseph Campbell’s monomyth, the hero is confronted by the new dangerous world. It’s a time of discovery, danger, and excitement, but he needs the helper to make it to survive and find their way. Everyone needs helpers, even those who end up bei. Everyone else is going through their own adventure, and they’re potentially in the middle of the dark with really fucking scary shit going down in that darkness. They’re pushing their own boulder up the hill. Give them a sword, give them a lamp, give them a kind word. Sometimes all it takes is a smile to get someone through the darkness.



So Hum
It’s about them, but it’s also about you. You help them through their own journey, but by helping them, you change yourself. It’s impossible to see someone who is beaten down pick themselves up and go on down the trail without being changed yourself. Inspire and be inspired. You are not this. You are that.

So, the next time you see someone on their hero’s journey, help them. You’re really helping yourself anyways.


I’m following the Hemingway style of writing, and I expect I’ll be editing this post tomorrow…

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