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Croom Fools Run (50 miles) 2016

Croom Fools 2016  Run “Did you expect this when you showed up today?*”-Andy Croom “Hellllllllllllllllll no.”- Me That sums up my Croom Fools 2016 run; I expected shit to go down (it is an ultra after all), but not exactly … Continue reading

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Daytona 100 – 2015 Race Report

This weekend I ran the inaugural Daytona 100 ultra marathon. Here’s my race report with what worked, where things went wrong, and everything in between.  There were three key things that helped me finish this race; my crew, my coach … Continue reading

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Iron Horse 2015 Race Report

Elevation Profile -2 Technical- 2 (50%  1, 50% 3) Ivan Scale – 4 ramping to 8 First: Thank you Vicki for letting me slip away two weeks after our little girl arrived. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to Bambi, … Continue reading

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Bandera 2015 100k Race Report

Bandera 100k Western States Qualifier Elevation Profile -3 (Hilly 50-150 foot per mile) (2500-7500’ in 50 miles) Technical- 5 – Very Rough trail Ivan Scale – 5 I curse a lot in this race report. Reader beware. Thank you to … Continue reading

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2014 Burning River 100.9* Mile Run

Special Thanks: To Western Reserve Running and the volunteers who made it happen. The aid stations were paradises and the aid workers were some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I was uncrewed and unsupported, but had some major … Continue reading

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Croom Fool’s Run – 50 Mile Edition

Thanks to: Vicki, Marisol Cantu all the Aid Station workers for their help. Thanks Andy Matthews for putting on a great race. Special thanks to Christian Stewart and Susan Anger for convincing me to wait it out and not drop. … Continue reading

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2014 Iron Horse 100k Race Report

Firstly: I want to thank Richard Handley for crewing, pacing, and pushing me during this race. Couldn’t have done it without you. Also, thanks to the Race Directors and Aid Station workers; it was an awesome race and it all … Continue reading

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The way I see it…

The way I see it: TLDR:Be a helper. Everyone else is on the same path as you. It’s dangerous to go alone The way I see it, we’re all on our own journey and adventure; it’s *really, really* easy to … Continue reading

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Wild Sebastian 100- Refused to Continue

  To start: I am in charge of my training and racing. All responsibility falls on my shoulders for any failures. TLDR: Lots of awesome people, tough race, mistakes were made, I refused to continue, lessons were learned Crew Vicki– … Continue reading


Pirates at Christmas- Part Three

As I mentioned on Facebook previously, two years ago for christmas I made a pirate map and my son found a treasure chest buried in our yard. Last year I buried a treasure chest for my son and he led … Continue reading

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